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Product Name : Android TPMS
Item No. : TPMS-518 Android TPMS for Car Multimedia GPS
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  General Features:

Product Introduction
The system fits into the Android interface with a USB interface and includes four sensors and a 
TPMS receiver for real-time detection of tire pressure and temperature. Sensor to tire pressure 
and temperature data collected in the form of radio frequency to send to the TPMS receiver, 
received by the receiver and processed after the display in the Andrews navigation, and set the 
standard pressure and temperature alarm values ??for different anomalies The situation issued a 
corresponding alarm to alert the user to avoid traffic accidents. The system can improve vehicle 
comfort, reduce fuel consumption, reduce vehicle wear and improve dynamic performance.

Features & Functions
1.1 TPMS receiver
A. Dedicated tire pressure monitoring android navigation
B. Non-destructive installation, easy assembly and disassembly
C. support USB hot-swappable
D. Original UI style, Original car audio alarm
E. intuitive operation
F. original car screen upgrade tire pressure
1.2 the Sensor
A. high-frequency transmission mode using FSK modulation signal, low frequency using ASK 
modulation signal
B. with high-quality materials, long life
C. With abnormal pressure, temperature anomalies, leak detection and other alarm functions
D. Use IPX6 waterproof test standard
E. external sensors
F. Pressure monitoring: Range 0 to 8BAR, error ± 0.1 BAR, for different models
G. Temperature monitoring: Range -40 to 125 degrees, the error ± 3 degrees
H. Acceleration monitoring, Determine the driving condition
I. leak monitoring, Leakage accumulative total exceeds 0.3 BAR, send air leakage alarm


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